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a Paypal Problem

Posted by Yokomation - 12 days ago

OK so me and my Dad Have been trying to Get my Paypal to no longer be limted agian,

the Problem began back on 18th ofo December of 2020 when i asked an Artist on Twitter do an Art commission of Adonis fighting a nemean lion in Cave, i was happy and hyped because i thought it would be awesome, and i wanted to have a Short of it so i made someone do a Commission for the awesome sight, BUT my Paypal wasn´t working so i Thought, OK may i need to send some money, i Send way too much money, i then asked my Dad if he would Slove it, and Today we are still trying to get it to work agian and currently it´s locked, when i asked another Artist to Draw Yoko littner for some Smash brothers thing he was doing.


Im getting Pretty Tired of it because i Fucked up by makeing a Typo and now i got 19k DDK on my Paypal and we have been Trying to get it back to my Card agian,

however i now see it been a big Problem because i use Paypal to get Vocie acting commissions done as well as Art comissions for fun´s Sake, but when i tired to Buy Oddworld new and Tasty onto my Switch, it said my Paypal had to be changed, i relinked it, and found it was locked, or limted or whatever, Knowing this i think this cloud mean there´s going to be a BIG Problem once i ask someone to do Vocie acting for Doily,Willa Brown or any of my Female OC´s.


I wish i cloud just sit it out, wait and do shit BUT my Dad is contantly Trying to Slove it Because he Thinks They Stole my Money from me, I was really just trying to get 300 dollars onto my Paypal but it didn´t work, we have tried everything, we Changed my Profile name there, we asked them for help, we did everything it feels like and now im just Tired and, after the whole Oddworld thing im starting to Consider weather or not My Dad has touched on something he shouldn´t have and im REALLY REALLY REALLY FUCKING CLOSE TO DELETE MY CURRENT PAYPAL AND START A FRESH NEW ONE!!!!! But i got a feeling that if i do i´ll lose up to 20K DDK i may or may never get Back onto my Bank so PLEASE Help me with this, ANYTHING JUST EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING WOULD REALLY FUCKING HELP ON THIS.

If you don´t Know what to do, Just Share this everywhere you can. PLEASE ANYTHING.