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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - 7 days ago



Posted by Yokomation - 11 days ago


multires is now done, going to Bake out the Displacemeant, Cruvture and Normal maps out then call her done for today

the main reason is mostly because i got kinda hooked on a small project of mine called the

lizard oddessy,

how hooked? WELP Here´s a Size chart of the first critters i made, only in a side view BTW but still i hope useable for 3D modeling and heck even after bakeing out Textures i´ll likely get a Script done for our first episode.


Posted by Yokomation - 2 weeks ago

thought the list of 34 models was too much SO, after alot of Hell, im going to try and Get the 9th Quoll Alone Project off the ground for Real and have it be one where the dinosaurs get alot of Screentime while haveing our Hero´s try to get Dallas Phone back, going to get Doily´s Body done today, working on the MSI Laptop. thanks to some USB thingy my Dad bought, Yeah anyways wish me good luck and hope this one won´t be Fucked. been too long i last did this sort of thing, starting off doing models for Doily, Nat, Kitube, Skittles, Dallas and Grumpy.


Posted by Yokomation - 2 weeks ago

OK, Willa Brown´s Hands and Feet are for tomorrow as well as Belty and im also currently also planning To Poly model her Clothing


and to kill off some time i´ll Sculpt my Godzilla here


not sure how far tho just far enough but it´s This momment where im just doing this guy here i would like to Say,

Growing as an Artist can be a Long Struggle but when you start to do things like This for fun, without a List or whatever, i think your on the Right Track, not saying it´s a Good idea but, if you Enjoy what you do or just wanna have fun with it if you got nothing else to day, Welp i Got a good feeling everything might be better, the Passion is there and everything, I Feel Like time Between me doing Quoll Alone where is the BG´s Remake and now has been an EXTREMELY Hard time for me but it´s mostly because i think i have tried to improve myself as an artist and honestly now just doing these models, without haveing to Check a List every single time i have done a Blockout or a sculpt and been more Loose has helped alot might still be some way before i can get to animate a short film agian but hopefully. when i do my models will look Better then ever.

anyways now tho i just wanna Chill off, Sculpting and get as far as i would like to on Godzilla here, wish me good luck.

also funny story i did plan to do a T-Rex, even made a Poll about it, Can´t Say i won´t But that´ll have to Wait a bit.


tho never say never.

Posted by Yokomation - 2 weeks ago


going to Do the Retopo on her for not only an animatable Rig but also for Cloths too, with the hair been Poly modeled,

also another note, i kinda would like to let you all know im Considering to Do Art comissions, tho NOT JUST YET!

reason been i might need a bit more Cash then i got right now, it´ll be for a Short time but hopefully i might be able to gain enough cash to get vocie actors for my projects, i´ll most likely begin once Hercy and Willa Brown are done, but plan is to make sure it´s something everyone can Pay and consider where people live too, one too often i have faced it´s US Dollars and it´s Too Expensive for me, not Too Easy been in Denmark and paying for comissions ya know, SO a good plan is always needed and might also get MobilPay into the picture, as it´s used here in Denmark alot, might be fun to use.

that´s off topic tho, hope to Have her Ready soon, Willa Brown and Hercy soon, planning to get DragoGen the Quoll Alone Teartmeant now and do hopefully four short films, of course to that i would like to have some Vocie Actors ready and To THAT i also need the money for it too.

speaking of did you know i got scammed via Discord not too long ago? Yeah kinda fucked up the day 100% for me, thank fully my brother helped me out with the right settings and all and i hope those fuckers never return,

also wanna remind you all

if someone sends you THIS, unfriend them or block them


i Sadly became a victim of it and my paranets were dragged into it too, It was nothing but a scammer trying to your money and Passport and i do not wanna see anyone else end up like me, 4 real it ruined my fucking night last Night.

Posted by Yokomation - 3 weeks ago

going to keep things Secret but, i think i wanna try to do with it what i did on Quoll Alone back in the day.


tho it might mean i´ll need to find a good VA for Willa Brown, Beth and Mizu. with Beth and aruther patterson getting new desigins. been too long we got anything from this world so let´s give it a go.

Posted by Yokomation - 1 month ago


SO here we go then, im NOT texture pianting on a Multires model, That will be for later howevver i have baked Three maps, a Displacemeant, Normal and Curvature Map too, i think it might be a good idea to Try out completely Textureing models in eevee, mostly for the 9th Quoll Alone project here before i got full on into useing them on a multires model, i do not wanna overwork it all as aim working on a laptop and as such, im MOSTLY textureing in eevee, MOSTLY, it´s not going to look Prefect but, i feel like in the end the Laptop´s i got Will thank me, includeing my MSI who´s To Repair.

Posted by Yokomation - 1 month ago

alright baked out the Displacemeant, normal and also a Curvature Map for Doily, i think im planning to go for that in the future, first off the multires Sculpt then bakeing in maps like that before i texture, Now im going to first off try Texture Nat, Doily and Kitube like This here in the files before i try on another folder to do the textureing with Skittles annd Roberta too.


Tomorrow is the moumment of Turth then.

Posted by Yokomation - 1 month ago

got it done faster then planned.... YEAH


SO THEN, Tomorrow it´s time for her Retopo, not too high nor too low but JUST RIGHT! just the good middle ground

and then Textureing, inbetween that i and the Retopo i gotta make sure to Sculpt a Multires sculpt so i can bake in the displacement and normal maps for the textureing part of things.

Posted by Yokomation - 1 month ago

OK getting to Work on Doily with the whole displacement and normal maps bake before i jump into textureing in mind


also three Submissions to Siggraph 2024´s Electronic Theater From Yokomation studio´s, only the Three Currently best video´s are here and in the future i might even share Sneak peeks if everything gose as planned, like im kinda considering a sneak peak for Jurassica or Future Wildlife in the future to siggraph.


i Sadly Got a feeling i won´t Show up BUT! hey the thought conuts only so much.