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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - 1 day ago

OK, so today was a bit bumpy for the Textureing on Hercy BUT! i think i got a good plan, just as with Willa Brown, we´ll be getting his Colors done in layers, in edition his multires sculpting of scales will likely be done first tho today was a bit of mismash of things but tomorrow i´ll be fully on it, also if i wanna get smaller scales not sculpted onto him done, i might plan it out well, and good news for me

found an old model of Hercy from sketchfab and i´ll use that to get an idea for HOW his scales should look that alongside how to keep a dragon


link to model here


got a feeling it might be useful for an idea of how Hercy´s Scales Will look, he´s not like Say a Hornmoth, his scales a bit more Crocodille like and i cant just use the bump map thingy 100%


Posted by Yokomation - 2 days ago


HELL YEAH! now onto Hercy, also

i did end up bakeing her skin as an emission map first and use that as the colors, i think im going to do that from now on, also happy with how it turned out doing Willa Brown´s Textureing and i think this is way i wanna do things for the future been.


Posted by Yokomation - 3 days ago

going to get bakeing tomorrow.


THAN it´s Over to Hercy´s textureing, been a bit of a little fight but other than with the stitching, i think this went pretty well NGL, i might say she dose Maybe Look a Bit TOO GOOD for NewGrounds, Huh Wink Wink XD

anyways Torrow´s gonna be a fun time bakeing all of this out, than useing my basemodels one last to to bring Willa Brown back to her old self maybe.


Posted by Yokomation - 4 days ago

Willa Brown is Almost ready for Her Bakeing, just missing her metal bits, the straps around her metal plates, belt and of COURSE socks and boots.


i have been takeing my time on the textureing on Willa Brown here, as well as getting her maps nodes looking really REALLY Good and not too messy, i hope to get her textures done tomorrrow, been useing alot more mask´s and that might also be part of why i have taken a bit longer here, i have also been tearting this like have i have done coloring in Gimp and i´ll likely return more to that tomorrow, especially around her Belt and boots., in edition i´ll also use that for her leather boots tomorrow, hopefully we´ll get her done tomorrow tho and bake her out on friday.


Posted by Yokomation - 5 days ago

OK, so i went out of my way to Bake out Belty and not only do i think i might wanna try to improve my bakeing skills but, i might also go a bit overboard when it comes to the bump mapping and as a reslut, alot of gimp fix´s had to be be done, gotta also be a bit more oginzaied i think, IDK i just don´t wanna mess up Willa Brown´s textures tomorrow,

anyways with belty done, we´re also soon done with Willa Brown and HOPEFULLY! after much trying to learn this bakeing shit here, trying to get the best clothing for Willa Brown´s shorts too, HOPEFULLY!!!! we can do it flawlessly, also might give Belty a 2nd go in the future IF i might need an upclose of him or something like that.

anyways tomorrow it´s onto her metal bits and her clothing, gotta make sure it looks JUST AS GOOD AS WILLA BROWN´S SKIN DOSE!iu_977506_6434868.webp

also this is what Belty looks like here, not the best and YEAH i got a feeling i over did it when doing his bump maps i think atleast but, i hope i learned my mistake and Hercy´s Scale´s won´t be as fucked up as Belty´s did here in edition for all my future models too.


Posted by Yokomation - 7 days ago


Nemo´s now done, next step is the Textureing and bakeing, adding in scales and details and everything.


Posted by Yokomation - 8 days ago


just missing all the textures as well as his flippers here than we can go onto textureing Willa Browm, Hercy, Mizu and of course Nemo, than go ahead and rig them all up, get them ready for animation.


Posted by Yokomation - 9 days ago


just missing Nemo´s Retopo now and than we can begin textureing everyone here,


i got a feeling he won´t take as much time as the others but, i do wanna prepare one thing for him tho,

the new eyes, but first off i wanna get Mizu more in line with Willa Brown, mainly with her teeth and Nails,

than we can begin.


Posted by Yokomation - 10 days ago

Mizu´s Retopo is almost done

just missing the clothing, outfit that´s Really Shark skin and than it´s Time for the UV mapping, than we can get Nemo´s Retopo doneiu_973805_6434868.webp


Posted by Yokomation - 12 days ago


Got her head and face done however, i wanna save her body, Boobs, arms, hands, flippers and tail for tomorrow alongside her clothing and weapons for later, i wanna make keep a good amount of consistency here on Mizu and Willa brown and Hercy and soon Nemo.