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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - 12 days ago


we´re Currently working on Models for Hercy and Willa Brown, after Figureing out Doily and Nat were Too High poly,

we´re one step closer to prefect Models and here we go then, hopefully THIS time we´ll get a Little short done,

this will be the Best ever Model of Willa Brown ever to be made and i think this is also kinda of a Redesigin of her, a complet Redesigin of Willa Brown.



Posted by Yokomation - 1 month ago

as the Year ends and we Greet 2022,

Even if things might not have Gone as Planned, it´s not by much tho,

we Got Two Scripts Ready for Two Big Projects,

we´re working on a model for Doily that im going to most likely start rigging tomorrow and she´ll likely be Fellowed up by Nat the Quoll and Kitube and Skittles, Doily is Already Looking GREEEEEAT if not the Best she has even Looked ever.


the Two Scripts we´ve gotten ideas for so far are as fellow

DragoGen: The Waters Above

a short Movie About Mizu and Nemo alongside a few other critters,

NOTE i might change up the Story a bit once we do the Storyboard animations

Future Wildlife 2022

a Tour of Europe 75 million Years from now and Remake of an older Video for the ending i did

as Far as other Projects go, like with the Model im currently working on,

There might be a Quoll Alone short comming, something like The Last animated video i made this hoilday,

im also hopeing to do Monster Warfare too at some piont

as i did do an Early sculpt of him Before


and i got him and Daisy hanna on a list of models im currently wanting to have ready for stuff so, let´s hope the best

Over all im very Happy we did end up haveing atleast four videos here on newgrounds and it´s honestly been a Year where, alot of stuff i was hopeing be made didn´t, but better is that i learned and Relearned alot of stuff, like how to make better Rigging, be better at animation and even Sculpting(Even if i did have to Pay for it All Ya know but, Worth the Cash)

so hopefully we´ll have alot more Short flims and projects done next year,

other than that, this year has gone by SOOO Fast i might add, i can´t be the only one who thinks that, but hopefully next won´t Go by So Fast. but I must say our Two full CGI projects, How to Keep a Dragon and Eggs have Hit the 1K mark on YouTube already


over all im hopeing to get alot more Ambitious Next year and haveing alot more Fun too.

Thank you for a Great Year and im wishing you all a Happy new Year 2022.



Posted by Yokomation - December 17th, 2021

BUT i did learn some new stuff yeasterday and today,

Hopeing soon we´ll get Willa Brown done or another OC,

wish me good luck by tomorrow i REALLY REALLY need a model to animate before the Year is over.

Posted by Yokomation - December 7th, 2021


rushed it out for sure BUT, it´s only a minor scene

alright then, guess we got ONE Script left and than we can move onto modeling for Future wildlife as far as the Twitter Polls, THE PLAN IS MOVEING SMOOTHLY AS OF NOW!



Posted by Yokomation - December 5th, 2021


We´re almost done with these model sheets for DragoGen : the Waters above

and afterwards it´s time for a Quoll Alone Project,

When i came up with the idea of doing some Scripts to prepare for 2022, i never thought i would get this far BUT here we are, hopefully i´ll be able to cover this plan 100% as i hope for next year to have more than 1 Short flim for next year, ya know, kinda like with Eggs this year and How to Keep a Dragon in 2020

the net full CGI project will be something amazing and Big.


Posted by Yokomation - December 2nd, 2021

NOW time for the final desigins and then we´re off


these would just be Scripts i got ready for next year, would love to Write some more next year too,

but, these are the titles i got done so far


DRAGOGEN: the Water Above

Posted by Yokomation - December 1st, 2021

BUT Hopefully

It´s Soon over,

just as i was doing the first new Creature our first Sea Dragon, the PenDrake is been desigined and a new 2nd darft(Likely the Last Script) and then we can do rest of the Critters alongside models of Willa Brown, Hercy, Raion Kuma and alot of more improten critters, might even have a Quoll Alone script done too but we´ll see where we go.


Posted by Yokomation - November 28th, 2021


YEAH, But i just wanna be Prepared for Next Year,

and i made it a Front page one to share what i wanna do as i got

FOUR Projects planned,

so here we go


a World 75 million years from now, We Fellow the Creatures of Europe of this alien new world,

a World where mammals have Grown Huge


We´ll meet a Mermaid named Mizu as she and her sea serpent, Nemo Explore the Surface Ocean and makes a new Friend

NOTE: This is just one idea and i might do something eles in the end but so don´t be surpised if gets Changed


After Kitube came from a Mission to space, he has brought back an Alien critter, Weather or not they can Make sure he is safe from Susan W,Disney, we can hope our Best


Also a Prototype Alien Desigin for What an Alien cloud Look like in QA´s Art Style


Piggyback´s out look for breakfeast, however an annoying dinosaur is getting in his way all the time and it gets to a piont where he might need to Seek help in the undergournd world he and the other dinosaurs live in.

NOTE: This is just one idea and i might do something eles in the end but so don´t be surpised if gets Changed

NOTE NOTE: Project spawned because quoll Alone´s Dinosaurs looked too cool not to be in motion.

Might have some more stuff comming up but for now, i wanna focus on all these Four projects here, however might replace one of the Quoll Alone Shorts.

but we´re almost done with future wildlife´s Desigins and i plan to do the DragoGen Script after the last creature,

when i Begin to create my models, i´ll likely stay onto one project and get that done before moveing on,

in other words im takeing things Easy here the best i can working on so many projects and not Trying to Multi Tasking here,

wish me good luck on everything here, hopeing for alot of short movie projects next year, well atleast more then just 1 like this year and Last Year



Posted by Yokomation - November 22nd, 2021


Yeah for Fuck´s Sake, YouTube Removed the Dislike button what the Hell man?

Posted by Yokomation - November 20th, 2021

Hurray :D

turning 23 today

getting Doily´s Hair and eye lashes done and then we can just enjoy the rest of the day