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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - January 6th, 2019

We´ve Completed Yossi´s model and Tracy has Gotten her Color, Tomorrow we´ll start to get his Feathers done with Some Rigging getting Started on Yossi too and try to Complet Tracy D.Hunter with coloring and Side Refs and Maybe get to Work on Si hofu, now considering how time consumeing it was doing the retopology, Im considering only doing so for the Weegee monster and trying my best to get the topology Right with Tracy and Si hofu



Posted by Yokomation - January 5th, 2019

We´ve Completed Yossi´s model and the retopology has Started. with the neck Been complet and his Head and jaws been the next step


Tracy is about to get some clothing on and i plan to that as soon as i have Reached to His eyes and so on.



Also im doing these Blogs as a kind of Logbook for me on this Project so, i hope you might enjoy these whenever they came and go.

Posted by Yokomation - January 4th, 2019

Yossi model is almost ready for retopology and is just missing his hands and Feet and Tracy´s model sheet is nearing the syage where i can draw the Base Line for her


After these two, im considering to do the Weegee monster and Si hofu or, Do Tracy´s 3D model after Yossi is complet and than do the fellowing two, of coruse im planning to end it off with the Qucumatz

Posted by Yokomation - January 4th, 2019

A Yossi vs the Weegee monster is about to take shape,


And it’s something I’m planning to make a youtube premiere for December this year,

It will however come out early to newgournds and I will focus hard on it. Makeing it

a number one project on my to do list


Posted by Yokomation - January 2nd, 2019

OK, im takeing it easy This year and wait a little before getting to work on a Bigger Project


So my list for 2019 to do list is:

- Nat Animation test

- make some new models with 2.8´s beta so i atleast got something to animate

- Drago51

- Future wildlife

- have myself be more Active on my Projects

- and alot more i can´t say right now as we are Very Early in the year but, hopefully well be done

- Be better at modeling and Rigging

- Trying out retopology to improve my models and animations for them too.

- be more Active on NewGorunds

i Hope my plans get into shape, im soon done With nat´s Model or At the Very Least be ready to do his Auto drivers by the time i have posted this here that i have Played Safe with when modeling,

Anyways wish me good luck

Posted by Yokomation - December 27th, 2018

Just wanting to share out latest update on Dolly´s new model, tomorrow we´re planning to do her clothing when she is complet, a render is mostl ikely planned and so we´ll hopefully soon be able to do the animation test,

but for now enjoy her T-poseing without any clothing on here right now.6434868_154593901973_DollyRenderreal.png

Posted by Yokomation - December 27th, 2018

i have already shared what i made with Blender 2.8 and i with all the cool stuff it can pull off it comes out in 2019,

after Dolly and the Animation test with her im considering to do Yossi vs the Weegee monster, a model done of him below was a mode before but i think the fur tool is going to make him look greater than before and the fat rendering of it than in before makes me hope the best for Blender,



To be hontest, i think been a 3D animator on the internet right now, feels like been the mammals back in the age of dinosaurs, im i right here?

Posted by Yokomation - October 29th, 2018

as i´ve Gotten a GIMP Plugin to Create Normal maps, I planning to make the models for YVWM to feature this Trick here as well as Planning to make new models for Other Projects too But it´s not Now, as i have Planned for some Quoll alone Projects too and we´ve not tested it out yet but, i have a good feeling it´ll look Good

You can take a look at a Test with Dolly here as i did the Normal map Edit for Her Bump maps and i think it looks ALOT better.


Posted by Yokomation - October 28th, 2018

the Models for Yossi vs the Weegee monster is at Work,

Starting with Yossi, We´re Hopeing these models will be Better than those that were before and the Next planned Model is Yurok Lakota,

More Updates on the Project Comming soon Hopefully.

In case you wanna See the W.I.P Photo´s Check them out on the discord Severe:



Posted by Yokomation - October 27th, 2018

the New Desigin for Yossi and the weegee monster are done and so is Yurok´s Look

Now to a look at the Base art works6434868_154066030822_Yossimillennium.pngYossi

6434868_154066035722_weegeemonster.pngthe Weegee monster


Yurok Lakota


We´re also planning to make this a PREMIERER on Youtube, also this would Hopefully be on VidLii and is Planned for NewGournds, More over it´s Gonna get to Newgorunds before Youtube, im Planning to make the models tomorrow or Later today as well as adding in a Killer LungFish for this Project as the Flim is Set in Yossi Island.