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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - May 21st, 2020


All DragoGen episodes are done,

season one´s Script is Pretty much complet

this means we´ll soon enough get Started on Doily and Nat for our new Logo to Yokomation studios.

soon after That, it´s on to life of the Dinosaurs.

But first i think for the best now, a nice little Break.


Posted by Yokomation - May 20th, 2020

Sony vegas is Now Working.


Also i might have another Project in works alongside DragoGen

That´s Right, Life of The Dinosaurs might be go toe to toe With DragoGen as our first series,

3 Parts in total.

Feel like it´s a good Thing to do so i can take a nice break from DragoGen and a nice start too as i have Planned my schedule Pretty well and it´s gonna go something like this

  1. Life of the Dinosaurs EP1
  2. DragoGen EP1
  3. DragoGen EP2
  4. Life of the Dinosaurs EP2
  5. DragoGen EP3
  6. Life of the Dinosaurs EP3
  7. DragoGen EP4

Planning to do Nat and Doily first tho.

Need some models for a good ending Logo now im doing series like those.


Posted by Yokomation - May 20th, 2020

Im wirtting this as my first Blog on my new Laptop,

We have already redownloaded Blender 3D, and GIMP on it as well as logged onto the apps i need to be on,

Like Discord, Twitter, facebook and so on,

However had some Problems getting sony vegas back onto it

If anyone can help me, let me know, it´s Importen i get it to work and i don´t Wanna spend money on a new software

(if anyone wanna know i usely only pick between vegas Pro and vegas movie studio)

Im planning to get it done once my dad comes home later,

For now tho.

To avoid any bad feelins i wanna end this on the Fact we´ve done the final episode´s Script for DragoGen


we´re Takeing a good amount of time with this one as, every other episode has been buliding up to this one

so by Logic, this should be the best episode,

once it´s done, it´s on to modeling, i might reuse the old model sheets but, update the Style

but im 100% going in with new models for sure, im we´re Planning to Sculpt Willa Brown, now We´re almost done with the scripts..

How did DragoGen become a series

It Began the momment i saw the The Mandalorian and the dark crystal age of resistance,

I thought to myself, We Need some REAL Animated Series, not Cash cows like Family guy and Spongebob anymore.

And thus it became so, Prepare for me to treart the animation more like that of a movie and Hopefully the same amout of love and care as the BBC do to Nature Programs.

Now this is my first Series so, Promise nobody go too Hash on it weather be on the Stories or even the fact there are only four episodes.

Posted by Yokomation - May 19th, 2020


Yeah just like ep1, the 3rd one was another one day episode,

However, the 4th one shall be the one we´ve been bulding up to so, i might as well make it the best, thus why im considering to spend a little longer on it.

this one will have willa Brown mother in it,

also worth noteing

as most of it is 3D animated, there is a Flashback scene in ep3 That i plan to have done in 2D animation, thus

i might hire a 2D animator, only the Best of the Best.


Posted by Yokomation - May 18th, 2020

Today I might get my new Laptop,

also worth noteing,

DragoGen is comming, as a four part season 1,

episode one has been done and currently we’re doing episode 2, meaning we’re half way on the

Scripting phase



Posted by Yokomation - May 15th, 2020



I think i might need to create new model of Willa Brown to Improve my SSS skills.


this here is the sitting i did to the Leotyrannus model you see.

next week is when im getting my new Laptop.


Posted by Yokomation - May 14th, 2020

Yeah i left my pokemon model sadly unfinished :C

However it´s mostly due to a bad night sleep last night and i wanna make GOD DANG SURE IT WON´T HAPPEN AGIAN!!!!!


Posted by Yokomation - May 9th, 2020


it´s Most for once i get my new Laptop

Been just relaxing makeing some Sculpts of some OC´s, and im most likely gonna do it To improve my sculpting skills untill i get my new Laptop as that is now a Part of my Workflow before we Remodel our models for Rigging, textureing and animation

Anyways i kinda wanna get a new Project in works once i get my new laptop so, im doing a Strawpoll just to get it out of the way so i don´t have to panic and just Relax

Sculpt links

Raion Kuma : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1nAOJ8

Roberta : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/58AqyE

Doilly : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oO4oxL


Posted by Yokomation - May 7th, 2020

the New Laptop will come on may the 20th.

untill then i think it´s a good idea to Just Relax a little,

maybe do a Sculpt here and there to improve my skills.

but over all haveing a nice little Break.

Posted by Yokomation - May 6th, 2020

OK, so because im getting it tomorrow here is my Plans so far

  1. move Leotyrannus and other zero extinction models and Floders, alongside Sony vegas Pro to the new Laptop
  2. get Blender and gimp onto it
  3. Create Doily and Nat´s New models
  4. create the Creatures for the Future wildlife´s Reboot episode 1 and thus Get Started on the first Episode.
  5. give my Dad the older Laptop so he can use it for work and such things

the first Model for Future wildlife will Ironicly be the Snapgrets greatest Fear, the Foxval bird.

However i might make a Quoll alone short featureing the bunyip