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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - March 30th, 2020

Our First series is going to be future wildlife and we Plan to do two Episodes at a time,

Four episodes in Total

EP1: Welcome Back.... to Jurassic world

250 MYFN

EP2: the Dreams we left will open the Door


EP3: a Feather to Pluck

180 MYFN

EP4: Queen of the Beast


as this will be our First series, i might try my best to take it Easy as i do plan to Make the First two episodes,

Prehaps a Small Project (Just Like how to keep a Dragon was) before moveing on to the final two episodes.

Already we´re Createing the Creatures for the first epiosde.


because my mother and father wanted me to, it´s even going to Youtube, However i´d Post it to That Site once we got the First two episodes done with the first episode of Future wildlfie getting to Newgorunds first before then.



Posted by Yokomation - March 29th, 2020

After my mother and father talking a bit,

i might Make a Comeback to Youtube HOWEVER!

I won´t Share the How to Keep your dragon Short or, i can´t As i deleted it to save space on my laptop (unless of course i can find a way to Recover Lost Data there´s no hope starting up like that, however we did get skysoft on my it so who knows)

so it´s going to be kicked off Via Future wildlife and i Think youtube cloud be a good hybird between a wastebasket of Vimeo i got and NG´s good content with stuff like future wildlife and such but, with a Recovery software, it´s going to open up for it to be seen agian.


Back on YT



Posted by Yokomation - March 24th, 2020


just missing four to Five bits of Animation and we´ll be able to post this on Newgorunds.

This is our first short done fully in Blender animationwise, like the BG´S are done in Blender, it´s Fully CGI no Sony vegas Backdorps like with Quoll alone where is Skittles or Future wildlife: 2016 cut.

NO NO, This here is done in a Blender 3D environment and im going to do things like That in the future.


Sneek Peek picture from the short here

also makeing a Poll over our next project on twitter


any who, i´ll try to get it done as quickly as we can but with the best look into it too,

But hopefully it´s going to turn out good

Posted by Yokomation - March 19th, 2020

We’re currently working on how to Keep a dragon,

After some long time rendering we thought that, it might be best to do HELP: my girlfriend is a werewolf as a great next Project

Posted by Yokomation - March 13th, 2020

Yeah :D

It´s on Vimeo but, it´s Prevert so, im going to share it here,

Thought it´s a good idea for the future to do Animatic´s.

Posted by Yokomation - March 10th, 2020

Ok i have Lost motivation to makeing zero extinction right now...

But that mostly because i wanna do some shorts staring willa Brown and others right now and maybe even Launch the DragoGen animated series


Still tho, Maybe zero extinction isn´t gone for now, Someday in the future it might come but for now, i just wanna have a good start up for this site.

As for Everything Eles (Quoll Alone, Alice the Jabberwocky whisper, Future wildlife, Yossi, Akiko the Werewolf girl)

Well who knows.

Posted by Yokomation - March 8th, 2020

After the Next Little Project staring Willa Brown as well as zero extinction,

And it dose well enough, i´ll celebarte via a Trip to copenhagen to have myself some KFC


BTW only 10 animals on the dinosaur Project im currently working on,

But i Think it´s improten to consider how many models you might need for whatever Story you wanna tell.

Posted by Yokomation - March 7th, 2020



The first five model sheets, We are now missing 6 more creatures,

now, After some thinking, i might do the last remaining Sheets before modeling,

However I might get Started on the Little Project with Willa Brown,

I will however Give these Blog a little break untill something more Meaningful comes out from this Project as i didn´t Think the first five model sheets were done so quickly.

Now there were plans to make a Troodon but the size of the Pinehawks might be better for an attack scene towards the Hoghead mother.

Anyways, this might be the Last Dino Project Blog for now, or atleast untill we got some Awsome updates.


If i want this to be the best i can, than i gotta be the best i can, i think i look a little skinny SO, im going to be doing workouts ALOT MORE NOW


After doing some workout and my mother Telling me to go out for a Run, im Fully getting to work on the Willa Brown short idea, It´s just gonna be her talking about haveing a Dragon.


Posted by Yokomation - March 6th, 2020


Today, i´d like to say we have Completed the Model sheet for castorcreatops fiber and are getting Started on

the Hogheads,iu_99037_6434868.jpg

Also worth taling bout is the fact we have Scrapped Nuka, most likely useing her for another Project,

The Alternative Winter, set in an alternative cenozoic era.

other than this, I think the Best reason why i might do the Willa Brown short interview thing is mostly to get better at a full CGI landscape thing and be more used to makeing landscapes before doing this dinosaur Project here,

That said, after this guy here is done, i´ll be getting a vocie actor i found on twitter and get this done than.

Posted by Yokomation - March 5th, 2020



We got the castorcreatops Ref model done and we plan to start drawing it later today

A few Surpiseing things came up to me for this Project,

One, Been the Fact im not going to make this a documentary, menaing it´s Just gonna be dinosaurs Been dinosaurus,

without any of them talking,

Another Thing i never thought i would get into this, Even if it´s a BIG IF, is haveing a Human character in the Pinehawk´s Story, Not a Cavegirl, that would be too far, But maybe more in lines of an eskimo Girl, she might getting into the Project mostly of the Storyline with the Pinehawk

So far im planning to have 3 lead roles, with 3 plots, some of those crossing parths

  1. a Tale of Turst via the Pinehawk
  2. the Struggle of the hogheads
  3. the Mother Leotyrannus

some ideas, especially the One with the Pinehawk and the idea of removeing Narration and not make it a doch really comes from the NG Flim, Savage Death Valley.

We´ll see how it gose and what i come up with.