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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - July 7th, 2022


we´ll begin Animation tomorrow...

final Part of the Journey of Jurassica´s First Project...

been a long Road and i never Thought i would Even get THIS FAR!

but holy crap, here we are, wish me the best of luck, going to Read the Script agian tomorrow but,

the ending might be changed, It´s Going to be insane and it already it i got THIS FAR on this project, happy i did reach this far tho, this is my Big project (Like the eggs or How to keep a Dragon) of 2022,

Im hopeing this turns out the best i can get it to be.



Posted by Yokomation - July 6th, 2022


animation will be done in blender 3.2

I might take a day off tomorrow and then on friday can we finally begin to animate

i can´t Wait.

see Ya Soon



Posted by Yokomation - July 2nd, 2022


going to get rigging done and then get models REady for useage in Blender 3.2,

Jurassica Was Orignally Planned for 3.0 infact, it was meant as the last project for that but,

After Today and other things too, we might change that as, my mother and father did Catch Covid and i might have gotten it, IDK felt Very VERY awful waking up today but feeling better now after Two cups of Tea

Also worth noteing, THIS video might get a Fellow up, Reason been i got inspired by G.Lo from villainous to create a Jello super hero OC, yeah a Script got made and i DO plan to make a VHS video to Hype that Up as soon as the nasutoceratops model is done,

Look forward to everything, Jello-Gal, Jurassica Safari Park, Bombs on busses because Rockstar freddy wants five coins, yeah,

i think it´s Worth noteing the nasutoceratops will be last made in Blender 3.0 and if i feel like it, i might do JelloGal as our first model in that software.

so in a nutshell my plan is this then

  1. Getting nasutoceratops
  2. Get JelloGal done(Model Sheet to Model)
  3. make that FNAF fellowup Video
  4. Start to animate Jurassica Safari Park

im planning it like that as i felt the way i did and i don´t Wanna get into another Hell like Eariler this year ya know(Turst me you DON´T WANNA KNOW HOW BAD THAT WAS)


Posted by Yokomation - June 28th, 2022


after he is done, it´s time for animation



Posted by Yokomation - June 27th, 2022


So missing one more model and we can animate it for real,

Also a new scene has been added to the Script


i might first make a Teaser once this new Scene as well as the coffee store scene is done,

Look forward to another front page Post once we´re done with that.

it´s ready for once we´re ready to animate


it´s been a fun ride and been so close to the final Goal i wanna make sure im fully focused on this,

Script´s at 10 page´s right now, wish me good luck on this.


Posted by Yokomation - June 24th, 2022


just missing rigging and then over to our new final model, the Nasutoceratops,

and THEN over to animate our last project in Blender 3.0, and i can´t Wait to animate this.

it´s the last 3.0 project here because what im planning next alongside Quoll Alone in lost worlds is

called Roberta: a Quoll Alone story and is a Story set Before Lost worlds Together

and im planning to use Blender 3.2 for it.


Test Render done in 3.2

and a little test drawing of Hatchling Roberta


hope the best for me on both these as i get Doily´s Model sheet done.



Posted by Yokomation - June 23rd, 2022


not been easy on this but, ended up cutting a scene AND doing a new Script for Quoll Alone in Lost worlds Together

and im getting a new model sheet for Doily, Nat, Kitube and Skittles done as well.

Also be preared i might do a Quoll Alone Promo for jurassica before it gose live on YouTube and newgorunds


for anyone who don´t know, i have lately been toying around with doing a Fresh note for Quoll Alone and doing an origin story for the Gang, like how they met earch other and i turned it into an ice age 3 like one with an undergorund world full of dinosaurs, the newset version of this script sounds like a Freaking blast at 34 pages and even if it´s THAT LONG!

i kinda got motivated to work on it right now.

of course i do have another idea planned too for Willa Brown and Hercy BUT, let´s see we go.



Posted by Yokomation - June 19th, 2022


Last Three before we animate Jurassica for Real,

wish me good luck across these three weeks here.



Posted by Yokomation - June 18th, 2022

OK haveing done the Stegosaurus,

i plan to maybe begin a bit Eariler then planned to save sometime, the NG intro and Yoko Littner Intro Logo for Yokomation Studio´s at the Start in between the Three Last models


BTW Yes im Planning to Re-Animate this, Makeing Yoko Littner´s movemeant alot better as well as a bit longer too.


Also wanna share a few Drawings for another Project of mine,





Flying Hogfish

ALRIGHT THEN, might begin blockout for the Kosmoceratops Tomorrow or Later today(the Fromer been most likly)

Hope your all looking forward to this Project, Been putting alot of Heart and soul into this and to remind you all, wanteed to have a more scientifically accurate and more like animals, whice makes sense for a Zoo, we´re trying to get NG Gold on this, if not this one then next will i´ll try harder, even if i do tho i still wanna push what i can do with Blender models and Rigs, already gotten alot more done and make the Dinosaur rigs better than any i have made before.

to End this NG blog off, i might wanna say i might do New models of Willa Brown and Hercy to see how far i have come as well as make models that are Prefected from Everything i have learned on this Project.

End of Blog.


Posted by Yokomation - June 16th, 2022


rigging in works and YES! this is how the Plates were done, took along way to get it done and im hopeing it´ll work for Everything down the line, like Hercy´s 3D model.

Now we´re missing alot of other stuff done too, like the IK rigging for legs, Neck and Tail spline IK, face rigging and all of that stuff.

all that for tomorrow