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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - 17 hours ago

i found out the Reason why im not a big fan of Doing Shape keys was because i wasn´t haveing my models on subdivisions on.

As such i have Stopped working on the Rex and thinking over what to do,


Posted by Yokomation - 1 day ago


Tomorrow we´ll be done with the T-rex model.

afterwards it´s on to the model that won my Poll on twitter.

Posted by Yokomation - 2 days ago


We´ll Begin Rigging tomorrow,


Posted by Yokomation - 3 days ago


Our dinosaur documentary is in Works, 8 models for episode 1 of a four part documentary Called life of the dinosaurs,

Gonna do everything i can to get it done.

also this is the Video plan from here on until lthe final episode of Life of the dinosaurs

  • Life of the Dinosaurs Episode 1:

The Tyrant-Fowl King

  • My Special Dog

  • Life of the Dinosaurs Episode 2:

Fur and Feathers

  • Quoll Alone Twogether/Quoll alone Project

  • Life of the Dinosaurs Episode 3:

Raptor or Not Raptor

  • DragoGen Short/Pilot Episode

  • life of the Dinosaurs Episode 4:

Swamp Hands of Glory

So yeah we got ALOT to do but, one thing at a time as i always say.

Wish me Good luck.


Posted by Yokomation - 5 days ago


SO, this should be my Video schedule Plans so Far,

However i did consider a NSFW Short Staring Akiko but, quickly Rejected it,

anyways im gonna get Started on modeling our Dinosaurs for Life of the Dinosaurs EP1 Project tomorrow and Later today.

Wish me good luck guys.

Posted by Yokomation - 5 days ago


Model done and Ready for use,

However I might get a Project in works sooner than thought mostly because, summer is tomorrow and i would REALLY LOVE WORKING ON A PORJECT I CAN SHOW OFF TO NEWGORUNDS AND YOUTUBE,

Like a video Project, thus im gonna wait and see what to do before tomorrow.

Posted by Yokomation - 6 days ago



Likely means we can soon do Willa Brown´s Model,

soon afterwards can we either do Life of the Dinosaurs or more likely i might do zero extinction and/Or Help My Girlfriend is a Werewolf or Something new,

My Special Dog, that Lucy is in as a matter of fact, of coruse Yossi vs the Weegee monster is also Thrown into this,

I mean there is a Trailer and shit so, why not?

anyways im going to do His Limbs tomorrow with the Shape keys and such, As well as do the custom Shapes.

Posted by Yokomation - 7 days ago

Currently Rigging Hercy´s new model

Weight pianting is a Bit Caohtic


But hopefully with Willa Brown things might turn out a little more organized than with Hercy,

Also worth noteing i might just do a Short Flim this year rather than a series, that´d be something im gonna do May later this year or Even Starting Next year.

Posted by Yokomation - 9 days ago


Now we´re Just missing some Textureing, Rigging and He´s Done and we can move over to Willa Brown´s Model

Feel like i gotta get used to it agian tho, because the Teeth and such have not yet been shaded,

Other stuff

Now, if iam doing a series like This, I feel like i might wanna need some more SO,

Im going to Set out myself a schedule, based more on what to come out, as i Do Wanna do one series at a time

  1. DragoGen: Season 1
  2. Life of the dinosaurs
  3. Help my Girlfriends a Werewolf(inbetween Life of the Dinosaurs)
  4. DragoGen: Season 2
  5. Future wildlife
  6. SewerMaid(inbetween Future wildlife)

Of course new ideas might come up but, for a Start up to a new Yokomation studios and doing animated series and such, i might work plus, i think it´s Alot more Easy to be Spotted via doing a series on the web as an animator.


Posted by Yokomation - 10 days ago


Alright, im gonna Get Hercy here done,

afterwards It´s on to Willa Brown and than maybe Get Started on a new Project,

Been thinking over trying out cycles for a Project.

although What that might be is still to be unknown,

also in Case your wonder,

Yes We are going to and have Already got willa Brown´s Base mesh ready


Yes me good luck chaps