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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - July 6th, 2020

That´s right,

that means we´re ready and set for the 23th of July to Start animateing

i´ll Begin Writting the Script later today as i do need some pictures to it to help me, it´s a Good way to get things done in a Dochmentray i think an i plan to use it in the future,


Also i plan to do Two DragoGen Projects inbetween episodes.


Get Ready to Rock and roll because, this will be an awesome ride.

speaking of Awesome stuff, we made a New Logo too



Posted by Yokomation - July 5th, 2020


Tomorrow i hope i might complet this model, Only hopeing for it tho,

Anyways i think im going to stick with this Video schedule, although Seening how i have Completed Life of the dinosaurus here, i might change the Quoll alone video into something eles.


Posted by Yokomation - July 4th, 2020

That´s right, the Fianl model for Life of the dinosaurs episode 1 is underworks, and we´ll be doing the remodeling soon enough,

SO im gonna Talk alittle about this Workflow,


Even if it may take a little longer time, I´d Say it´s All Worth the hard work and the Shape keys look ALOT better now and easy to be Handeled better, also im Never going to Go back to the old way of modeling (All Ploy modeling no Sculpting)

and im always going to be Sculpting my Creaturs and characters as it Allows me to be More Creative then ever before,

Speaking of in the tiem between once we have completed the Hybodus and when we Start animateing, im Going to just Relax a bit, Improveing my Sculpting and animation skills, as well as maybe work on Plants and Flora.

Also as far as my Video schedule, Well, i think i might do two Episodes at a time and, we might even add in a 6th episode, ideas for such an episode gose from fellowing the Terror bird Titans to one about the small Pterosaur Anurognathus, then agian, im just doing episode 1 right now so, i should be careful with what i say here right now as i might change plans, Anyways im going to get Started on the Remodeling later today.

see ya soon then



Posted by Yokomation - July 2nd, 2020


OK, just missing the Custom bone shapes and shape keys and the model here should be done,

Also as always, my Video schedule has been changeing, Now a whole new Idea might come out,

with my Two favorite Anime girls, Yoko and Revy, Got an idea to Create an OC who´s Basicly a Fusion between those two and create a bounty hunter type of character, however the fun idea would be to have the Target be her Boyfriend.

I might make that into a mini series as im looking for something to maybe go alongside life of the dinosaurs.

Hopefully Everything is going as planned and this model will be done by tomorrow.


It´s more then likely i might do something with My OC Lucy

In fact been think alot of Ideas with her in mind, everything going form a Simple idea wiht Her And Yoko Littner been together, to her liveing on a Terraformed mars, Also her getting a Terror bird as a pet and even getting zero extinction back on Track.



Posted by Yokomation - July 1st, 2020

im Makeing Waffles for Breakfeast tomorrow early ONLY

if i Complet this model tomorrow,

Rigging and weight pianting, Eye Shapes and blinking shapes and nose shapes,

alot of Work for only because i make one Hell of a Waffle when i wake up early tomorrow.


Posted by Yokomation - June 30th, 2020

was saveing it for Some Good,

we just Gained 700 Fellowers on Twitter


as such, im going to give that site a Good Fat Break, wanna get my Newgorunds and Youtube up to those numbers too,

as such, im gonna get this model here done as quickly as i can alongside the shark,

only missing two models after all


aslo, We Help my GF is a werewolf got Replaced by another Project called My Special dog.

however my scheduleis always changeing untill i do a Project on that list so, don´t be Surpised if it´s gonna change



Posted by Yokomation - June 24th, 2020


Just missing stokesosaurus, Camptosaurus and Hybouds and the models are done and Ready for use in Life of the dinosaurus episode 1,

also worth noteing, a mini series is Planned, in form of Help my Girlfriend´s a Werewolf.


That combinded with the fact i got almost 700 fellowers on Twitter means i might wanna give that site a break to bring Newgorunds and Youtube up to numbers.



Posted by Yokomation - June 21st, 2020

Missing rigging and we can do the Stegosaurus,

Also my Video schedule has been ongoing Changeing all the time beside the life of the Dinosaurs Project,

from Quoll alone comming before it, Then Comming Somethign eles, then dragoGen then other stuff,

I think it´s Mostly due to the Fact i can be a kind of Guy who never wanna stick to one Plan all the time as well as the kind of Preson who always seem to get ideas for new stuff.




Posted by Yokomation - June 18th, 2020

Bronto and Dippy have been Replaced with Fruitadens and Stegosaurus



Posted by Yokomation - June 14th, 2020

Missing the rigging, Weight pianting and shape keys and it´s done and ready for animation

Afterwards can we move over to the Diplodocus


Looking at the models im impressed over how far i have come, even if it was just six models for this epiosde,

it´s Pretty amazing how far i have come and i shall put myself into Full Speed once tomorrow hits.

Also yeah im giveing Twitter a break and it´s not Easy been motivated to be fair when i can´t share WIP Pics every second on Twitter but, i shall try my best.