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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - July 22nd, 2020

Everything is Set,

We´re Ready,

im off to Goslar tomorrow, but im takeing my Laptop with me,

i have only taken away what needed to be taken away


we´ll begin on the final bit of this Joruney, or the Start of the Joruney.

Whatever, im looking forward to begin on my first animated series


Script´s Ready, models are ready, Everything is set for a wonderful joruney that hopefully begins either tomorrow or the fellowing day

wish me good luck guys.


Posted by Yokomation - July 19th, 2020


Logo and intro Basic´s Are ready,

tomorrow we begin on the intro, Later that week, we May begin animateing on the episode itself,

Also i think i might do the Narration after the animation has been done.

Even if i might just Use soundtrack from, all over the Place (I don´t Care weather it´s Stock or not as long as i think it sounds Good enough to use, and i might even go as far as to use some of my owen soundtracks too)

it dosen´t take away of how big this will be, our first official animated series created by Yokomation studios.

and we have Planned alot more of those in the future too as i think it´s a better way to Get Poplaur on the internet when it comes to animation, Best Proof been hazbin hotel currently,

at the momment cause i have so many ideas, i created a Poll for WHAT ideas should be made into reality,

the Poll ends next week sometime, but by then, i´ll list them up in a Google Doc and see what cloud work the best to me of the chocies, weather for the current schedule plans or the next one.

of coruse i hope all these ideas would be done sooner or later




Posted by Yokomation - July 16th, 2020


made Polls on twitter to help me out, got a bit Tired to change up the Video schedule all the time right now,

especially when next week we start animateing life of the dinosaurs ep1,

So yeah, i got alot of good ideas, mostly because i wanna do alot of series and start on a fresh note for my animation skills and stuff.

Twitter polls as well as some Project info.



Posted by Yokomation - July 15th, 2020

Alice the jabberwocky whsiper is on,

However Might do a Collab between alot of animators to create a collocation of Short flims about a Picked Topic,

Most likely Aline Lives and such, the Collab would Feature atleast 6 short flims in it (one i made myself)

it´s an idea i have had in mind of a long time i might change the schedule to have this after

life of the dinosaurs episode 1



Posted by Yokomation - July 15th, 2020

made this to help me get the animation right as well as hopefully help anyone eles on the way to becomeing a better animator,

Futher more, Split up the Video schedule, as well as Stopped working on Lucy right now for the Simple reason, that it´s something for my next Project and Pretty soon i´ll get Started on life of the Dinosaurs animation and stuff.



Posted by Yokomation - July 12th, 2020

Thought over adding a new idea for my Video schedule,

Soething i would like to call The Southen Colonization, it´s an idea about a Futureistic City that´s set in antarctica in

a 3 part series and might be like what i did with How to Keep your Dragon short, with a Girl Telling via webcam as we also see how this world came to be, as well as maybe a Story about how the World might React to Global warming.

Right now it´s just an idea however, it might in case i would change my plans, i just might wanna know how you woud react to this idea, thus why im makeing this Blog here.

the Basic plot of this mini series would go something like this:

Daisy, a Girl who lives in what is now Antarctica(or a Terraformed Planet) Records a video to tell the story of her world.

From the begining, to the new animal life comming, Giant Predators and the formartion of a new City for People.

of coruse, it would mean i might change DragoGen´s Plans and just have Lucy, her Kirin, First dragon come out in the 2nd schedule, but i have a Big Creative mind so of speak and right now i wanna get alot of good ideas out now im also going to do

also currently working on improveing my animation skills for life of the Dinosaurs, looking Pretty good and hopefully it´s going to be better once we start animateing in a few weeks time.


Posted by Yokomation - July 10th, 2020


might have to add the Narration in Post or just not have any in Life of the Dinosaurs....

if it turns out the ladder, it´s most likely gonna be more compareable to Phil Tippett's Prehistoric Beast.


Posted by Yokomation - July 9th, 2020

now i think i might just Relax, atleast untill the 24th of July where i start animateing the whole thing.

Might work on lucy as a time killer, most clear will do a new NG intro for this (and post it as a GIF this time)

and just ya know Prepare myself mentally for this adventure into the jurassic world

this has been a fun thing to do this new script idea with basic storybaords to Conrept art for this project and even some BAR´s (Basic animation reference) and i hope this might help me more then ever before and i plan to do things like this in the future here on now, here are some pics, to showcase what we have Pulled off so far, be careful tho if you don´t wanna be see any Spoilers thoiu_141121_6434868.jpg






Posted by Yokomation - July 8th, 2020


Gotta say it´s Been Pretty fun but also a little Demanding (Kinda like with where is skittles but, not so much)


SO to kill off some time, i thought about doing Lucy´s model to imrpvoe my sculpting skills, i think i might complet the Script for Life of the dinosaurs Pretty dang soon and our Next Project

is the 1/2 part of the DragoGen Pilot, Lucy and her American Kirin

also People did tell to Imrpove upon basemeshing so, this should be a good start

just wanna have this one be a Relaxed modeling for Lucy and i feel like i miss a Human model.


however considering im going to get Started on animateing on the 24th of july, i might wanna leave this before i do her model, saveing her till when we do get started on how to Keep your dragon.

Posted by Yokomation - July 7th, 2020


yes and this here is the new Formart of Scripts, the pictures are there mostly to help out, kinda Like with the Animatic i did back for How to keep a Dragon, as this is going to be a longer Project and a documentary, i thought it might had been Smarter to do a Script with pictures in it, kinda Like with a Storyboard.