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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - April 6th, 2022

Starting off with desigins of the human cast, then the dinosaurs after a Script.


not gonna Front page untill after the Little Teaser animation is ready and on newgorunds.



Posted by Yokomation - April 5th, 2022

we´re doing this....

Jurassica here we go then,

Chapter one of the Daily Blog then:

a Map has been made, now to redesigin OC´s, make a new one and do dinosaur model sheets, i´ll keep you updated as it gose along the best i can




Posted by Yokomation - April 5th, 2022

Hercy´s in works, a new improved Version,


a starting Cast has been setup BUT! later today i do plan to Do a Tour map for this project here so i can pick what dinosaurs i would Love to feature the most.



Posted by Yokomation - April 3rd, 2022


i have Seen all the Clips from prehisotric planet and i thought to myself "BRO, we need to make a dinosaur Project"

and i Looked at Newgorunds Track Record of Dinosaur movies and YEAH! there needs something better, SO Future wildlife is on hold now(honestly a think that´s a Blessing because DAMN i have been swing back and forwards lately on that)

Going to Get Hercy done next and then Nat...


and THEN...

A Little something i would like to Currently Call,

the Newgorunds Dinosaur Project,

so Far, a Logo for you to have here to hint what we might get,


NOTE: this is not the art style, it´s still fully CGI animated and likely in DragoGen´s Art Style too, also this is also going onto YouTube too, most likely a Week later, other then that, my mouth is Sealed for now,



Posted by Yokomation - March 29th, 2022


just missing the Rigging and we´re done

also planning at the End of Fowl to have a Big Ol

Thank You pic(Much like in FNAF4) with alot of models, as this is Future Wildlife´s Reboot after all so, might take a little longer to get Fowl out as, i might need a few more models then planned BUT

this would be my List then for critters in need for this thank you pic as, i feel like i have come a long way with this whole CGI thingy and with the new version of Blender so, might be worth shareing everything that lead to this

SO Here´s the Critters i wanna have on that thank you pic then:

  1. Nat
  2. Kitube (DONE)
  3. Doily (DONE)
  4. Willa Brown (DONE)
  5. Hercy
  6. Beth H,Hally
  7. Auther Patterson
  8. Yossi(Old and New)(model ready)
  9. Yoko Littner(model ready)
  10. Rockstar Freddy(model ready)
  11. Raion Kuma
  12. O-Buta
  13. Swamphorn
  14. Fowl (VERY VERY SOON done)
  15. Yokogator
  16. Boraffe
  17. Leotyrannus(Maybe?)
  18. Grubcock(Also Maybe??)
  19. Weegee monster(BIG IF)

also this was the Orignal Version of this but at the end i thought if iam going to Give Kitube a new Fur shader,

i might as well wait before we´re done with the whole Project then and everyone i need are here


After Fowl, it´s time for future Wildlife and, i think it´s Better to have as many Models Ready as i can have for that first Episode

as far as Models needed for Fowl

  1. Fowl
  2. Raion Kuma
  3. Kiragusu
  4. Neffer
  5. Swamphorn
  6. EECR



Posted by Yokomation - March 28th, 2022

it´s no Longer just 1 movie....

it´s going to be a 250 million year odyssey,

  • EP0: Fowl (75 MAD)
  • EP1: Age of the Mammals (75 MAD)
  • EP2: a Winter's Tale (25 MAD)
  • EP3: Three Friends, One Continent (250 MAD)
  • EP4: Sea and Air (100 MAD)
  • EP5: Time of the marsupials (150 MAD)
  • EP6: the Tropical Grasslands (50 MAD)

Episodes are NOT in Timeline oder but, rather what i think would be the Best Working oder.

i´ll see how im going to Handel this but, there´ll be some new model sheets comming up for Critters to this Huge adventure of Tomorrow´s World and i hope To make an animated Teaser Before To Future Wildlife showing off some new Stuff, here are some new Critters to Watch out for.


Above all this was longer over do, This video was Planned to be a Much bigger Story but for some Reason, i never made it into that and episode 2 models were ready, but new Worlds never Took off, But Let´s All hope this one will tho

as far as other plans go, welp this poll on Twitter Says it all,

the Test has grown into the Pilot tho so, keep that in mind.


and As future Wildlife is winning the Poll, i guess you know where im going this summer,

Wish me good luck on this.



Posted by Yokomation - March 14th, 2022


Rigging can Start Tomorrow,

Also A Little Surpise to everyone

TA DA!!!!


Swimwear got a little Change :D

based on old Desigin i did, this will be a great trip down memory lane for everyone



Posted by Yokomation - March 4th, 2022


a Leap of Fox will be a Fresh kickstart to Quoll Alone,

With Doily been getting a new model and Kitube and Nat on thier Way too, a new Better Time will soon shine

also On Twitter i made a Poll for People to Pick WHAT will be after this,

Hopefully we can move forwards this year and hopefully we´ll get not one but TWO amazing projects of a big scale.



Posted by Yokomation - February 24th, 2022

Nothing much, just wanna get some Stuff done, Models ready for future Project down the Line,


Wanna atleast have this list here done of models i can use for Projects down the line ready

atleast also Planning to do Future Wildlife this Summer

there´s not Gonna be much of a WIP pictures for this model on artstation, all of these is mainly just chill and model thing to have animateable OC´s Ready, sooo Yeah, next after the Raion Kuma is the Fowl, Then Doily, Then Nat, Then Kitube, so on so on.



Posted by Yokomation - February 20th, 2022


working on Doily right now, had a hard time doing a Script for DragoGen Project Thunderbird so, for now im just gonna get models for some OC´s



it´s mostly to get New fresh models done, get Faster at the models and have some for future useage too.

wish me good luck here but, im just wanna try to chill off doing this.