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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - November 2nd, 2020

im Almost done with her,

Just missing to do her Textures,

Rigging and shape keys and we should be Ready for a model showcase of her and Hercy



Yes im aware the gif may not look too good BUT i wanted to share the whole thing in one gif so, yeah.

DragoGen will become our first animated series here and we´ll be looking forward to it 100% here and do everything to make it best it can be.

That is why i have set up this way of doing things currently,

we do a Model showcase of willa brown and Hercy, fellowed by by a model of Auther with Teaser,

then it´s over to the rest of the cast for the first episode and of course the fellowing 6 episdoes, plan to make new models for the future episodes when we are working on them but keep the models of the main roles.

wish me good luck on this project here



Posted by Yokomation - November 1st, 2020


Now just missing some Other Features, like hair, eyes, teeth and a tounge and some cloththing, not to Forget her Metal plates and Goggles too.

Good thing by the time i posted this, the first four things are done.



Posted by Yokomation - October 30th, 2020


Tomorrow It´s over to Retopo for Willa Brown

Hopefully she´s going to look better there too.



Posted by Yokomation - October 29th, 2020


Blockout done,

Tomorrow it´s on to Sculpting

Hopeing this will be the Best Model of Willa Brown yet made.

also Planning to have a model show case of Her AND Hercy.

Thus why im going to have a showcase of WIP of her modeling here,

gif will be used on artstation once her model is complet



Posted by Yokomation - October 27th, 2020


Just missing Custom bone shapes for the IK and FK Bones as well as some shape keys.

Then it´s on to Willa Brown, I hope tomorrow i´ll Get Him done atleast.

also im amzed over how realistic and good this model looks, it´s Prefect for the series im going for.


Posted by Yokomation - October 25th, 2020


Rigging takeing a little longer because im trying out some new things


FK/IK Switchs and FK rigging on the back but so far

  1. Sculpting - Done
  2. Retopo- Done
  3. Multi Res- Done
  4. Bakeing- Done
  5. Textureing- Done
  6. Rigging
  7. Shape keys

Yeah we´re Almost done with everything here and can move over to Wila Brown´s model, i think after Hercy is done we´ll be smooth sailing.

So yeah everything going as Planned, With the trio been made first before we do the Other model sheets post Teaser.

  1. Hercy
  2. Willa Brown
  3. Auther

Also would like to add we´re Planning to learn japanese to improve Willa Brown´s Dubbing

for the Pilot and Teaser


Posted by Yokomation - October 21st, 2020

at last working on that Guys agian and THIS TIME

a few Elemeants will be in the Pilot

  1. Willa Brown will meet her nemesis(Lacks a Name as at the momment)
  2. there will be an Evil organization something like Apex in the monsterverse.
  3. first Episode´s Going to Reveal D-51 trying thier best to keep Dragons and other such things hidden(Well untill Willa Brown showed up)
  4. there will be four legendary 3.5 meters Skinwalker Heros called the Hernrthirians (Based off Yoko, Kamina, Simon and Nia in Human Form)
  5. the ending have Willa Brown be Ready to Gudie them to the Hollow Earth world Willa Brown lives in

i got a Feeling it´ll at most come out next year or i atleast start animateing that time around but we´ll see.



Posted by Yokomation - September 30th, 2020

the Script to my Blind date is a Troll is now Complet,

now just missing models, Animatic, vocie acting and we can Start animateing in Blender 3D guys :D

as Planned, The animatic will be on Youtube, Prevert or hidden of coruse.

Prepared a size chart for our two characters to help me on modeling.

Planning to maybe start on snuffly here but we´ll see, Also before i might do an animatic, there is ONE THING i might do,

in Edtion to Add in... a Little Hint for what´s Next, a new model sheet and something for the Script too.


QUICK UPDATE 2020/2/10

Im giveing this short a little break for now.

Model sheets ready, script on hold, think i might wanna wait untill doing this as i don´t feel as Creative when i did start on this as i do now,

Plus feel like i wanna get into the modeling Flow again, sculpting Retopo and all that fun stuff.



Posted by Yokomation - September 25th, 2020


Feel like something like future wildlife was a bit too ambitious

SO, gonna work on some smaller Projects to get more Comfy with my workflow

Two Troll Projects right now and likely a few more Small Projects too in the near future


and THESE are the Trolls of the two projects,

Started on the left Troll´s Project, her name is Snuffly and she´s going on a big city date.

It´s mostly because i only need two models and thus, we can quickly move over to the Script afterwards and then hire Vocie actors on twitter.

Wish me good luck on this.




Posted by Yokomation - September 23rd, 2020


Almost done with the Weight pianting of our first model,

going to get it get tomorrow most likely, But it´s not unlikely i might do the Arms and legs and save the feet and toes for tomorrow then

SIDE NEWS(Oh dear oh Dear)


we´re unsure what to work on for a 3rd project (Then agian, two big Titles feel like much so might take a break afterwards) been thorwing ideas like Primal Gladiator, SqumaZoo, DragoGen and even Quoll alone (DragoGen Replaced Quoll alone in case anyone are wondering)