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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - February 5th, 2021

because i Quickly had found out i might have Last the passion for my Work,

the Quoll alone short has got to wait...

Get Ready for an adventure 66 million years in the makeing and a whole world away, Minus a Rock from Space...

Gonna keep Track on this Project via Blogging, hope me the best because not only a whole Project but as a Teaser to this world, you´ll get a Short flim based on a normal day in the world of ZERO: extinction




Posted by Yokomation - January 30th, 2021

missing the animation of our Little New Quoll Alone short and we can upload it,

Getting started on the Stage sometime later today


another Update, Because this is the 2nd last day of the Month, i might Have ZERO: extinction as our Next Target, mostly because i wanna have a Real Tech showstopper and i think with ZERO: extinction i can turely Push Eevee to it´s Limt and make something realistic and i was Orignally planning to make it last year so, Hey why not then?


Posted by Yokomation - January 21st, 2021


Missing Shape keys and Custom bone shapes and we can Get Our Donut Reward as well as Maybe Start Voce acting for another Quoll alone Project, planning to Reuse some Vocie files from the unmade Fishing Foxy for Doily.

in other News

we got the Paypal thing to work BUT

we can´t Yet Pay with it but, it´s Progress

still means we might wanna change up Plans for now and wait a little, thus it´s a Stroke of Luck i did found those Unused Recordings for Fishing Foxy, Quoll alone will be better then ever and i think this alone marks my Great comeback (To be fair tho that would be where is skittles BUT what i mean is Doing Better animationwise and stuff)



Posted by Yokomation - January 17th, 2021

"Sweet cheese n´Crackers this keeps getting worse and worse"

Ohh well The Whole Paypal thing as forced me to change up Plans agian,

there might be a Future wildlife short but also a Remake of where is the Backgorund AGIAN...

my Paypal is still temporarily restricted and thus alot of things are currently running around in my head,

Right now i don´t Know what to do...


Will it Pass or is it i can´t use my money forever...all those thoughts in my head...

this Whole Paypal Acconut thing has really Fucked up the Year for me...

on a Brighter note to end this off tho i wanna say Kitube is almost done

and soon we can move over to Nat´s model...

There´s That for good news,


this here is my video plans for new...


I just Hope we Soon get this whole Paypal Problem fixed guys...

I Really do, don´t you agree with me here?


Posted by Yokomation - January 15th, 2021


missing to do rigging on Kitube here and his shape keys and then we´ll be off to Nat,

NOW THEN, My Plans for now would be to do a Remake (3rd video of this joke yes i know, it´s a Dead Horse by now)

of Where is the Backgorund gag for Tech´s sake.


I really Hope i can get my Good friend Itoruna to Vocie Doily in this or atleast get some vocie acting done her Doily for Free due to my Paypal Been broken still so, i REALLY HOPE i can get some vocie acting done for Free from a good friend of mine when i need it the most

also Worth noteing, I think this might become the cloverfield paradox of Yokomations studios, you´ll find at the end of this short

Anyways After this sort it´s on to ZERO: extinction or maybe something eles. who knows.

I´ll be doing rigging for Kitube tomorrow.


Posted by Yokomation - January 14th, 2021

OK so me and my Dad Have been trying to Get my Paypal to no longer be limted agian,

the Problem began back on 18th ofo December of 2020 when i asked an Artist on Twitter do an Art commission of Adonis fighting a nemean lion in Cave, i was happy and hyped because i thought it would be awesome, and i wanted to have a Short of it so i made someone do a Commission for the awesome sight, BUT my Paypal wasn´t working so i Thought, OK may i need to send some money, i Send way too much money, i then asked my Dad if he would Slove it, and Today we are still trying to get it to work agian and currently it´s locked, when i asked another Artist to Draw Yoko littner for some Smash brothers thing he was doing.


Im getting Pretty Tired of it because i Fucked up by makeing a Typo and now i got 19k DDK on my Paypal and we have been Trying to get it back to my Card agian,

however i now see it been a big Problem because i use Paypal to get Vocie acting commissions done as well as Art comissions for fun´s Sake, but when i tired to Buy Oddworld new and Tasty onto my Switch, it said my Paypal had to be changed, i relinked it, and found it was locked, or limted or whatever, Knowing this i think this cloud mean there´s going to be a BIG Problem once i ask someone to do Vocie acting for Doily,Willa Brown or any of my Female OC´s.


I wish i cloud just sit it out, wait and do shit BUT my Dad is contantly Trying to Slove it Because he Thinks They Stole my Money from me, I was really just trying to get 300 dollars onto my Paypal but it didn´t work, we have tried everything, we Changed my Profile name there, we asked them for help, we did everything it feels like and now im just Tired and, after the whole Oddworld thing im starting to Consider weather or not My Dad has touched on something he shouldn´t have and im REALLY REALLY REALLY FUCKING CLOSE TO DELETE MY CURRENT PAYPAL AND START A FRESH NEW ONE!!!!! But i got a feeling that if i do i´ll lose up to 20K DDK i may or may never get Back onto my Bank so PLEASE Help me with this, ANYTHING JUST EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING WOULD REALLY FUCKING HELP ON THIS.

If you don´t Know what to do, Just Share this everywhere you can. PLEASE ANYTHING.


Posted by Yokomation - January 10th, 2021


Hurray yeah

Almost done with her, Hopefully i´ll get her done tomorrow.

After she is done all i´d be missing would be





Some Raptors


an albertosaurus

Skittles and For the first time little surpise for everyone

Willa Brown and Hercy, Makeing a Cameo

OK i wanna give myself a good reward for once i have atleast done the frist four models

of our quoll alone Project, a Trip to dunkin donuts in Copenhagen.

honestly this way of doing the Rigs is GREEAT, it´s Simple yet Effective and better still it might cut down a bit on the Shape keys in use all thanks to Bendy bones, going to use that alot to try out some new things and with how it has turned out, i´ll likely use it for the future too.

ohh well a Good little Break for today and i shall my DANG BEST to Get Doily here done tomorrow then.



Posted by Yokomation - January 6th, 2021


Working on Doily and i got a feeling by tomorrow we´ll be getting her retopo done, Next up Kitube and Nat, gonna do a Script afterwards and then we can do the Final models...

or i might do the last models for the project i need,

those been skittles and Mugget, before getting the animatic done and i´ll Sandwich Vocie acting in between those,

Post animatic models are as fellows.

  • an Evil Beaver
  • an Albertosaurus
  • a Girl and her Dragon (Not gonna say names tho because i got an idea you may know who im talking about here ;D


Posted by Yokomation - January 3rd, 2021

went a little all over the Place SO,

we might just do with what we got currently.

IDK maybe it´s just me wanting something quickly out right now.

Still it means we did a few changes to auther and complated the Hornmorth



as far as the Story gose, the Pilot will be about that magic momment Everyone see dragons in the wild above the Surface, Willa Brown and hercy are on a Goose chase and Auther gets Chaught in the middel of it all.


Posted by Yokomation - December 31st, 2020

2020 is comming to a Close and thus we can all have new Hopes and plans for the next year (All well as Pary it´s not gonna end up as Shitty as this Year)

SO wanna go over what happende this year to Start off and then show off my final plans and goals in trems of Projects this year

in 2020

I was Orignally planning to Kick off this year with another quoll alone project, however alot of production problems happende and BOOM, nothing happende, then it was going to zero extinction That, didn´t turn into anything either HOWEVER we did make a timekiller short flim how to keep your Dragon with Willa Brown and hercy and Really, to be fair it feels Great getting new OC´s into the world like that.

I was planning to do a dinosaur Douch but, that didn´t go anywhere however, the Reason for that was the Fact i thought i didn´t need the Animatics and Previz, Something i found very Helpful during the makeing of How to Keep your Dragon and Really, why did i Forget that? Why just use a Script with pictures when it´s no vocie acting for most of it


I feel pretty damn changed and i think this year has been a rollercoaster, ups and downs,

Good and bad things, But here we are ready to rock and roll, we know how to do full CGI animation,


Plans for next year

for 2021, i think i got Everything covered, in the end the best things to come out of 2020 for me atleast was the Feeling of a Real Comeback for myself online, a Fresh new start and i hope this will be the year we do something greater then just a few shorts and We have made sure of that,

we made a Google Doc for our best goals and atleast hope they turn into something,

i think the biggest Problem might be it takes a long time to cross those out BUT we´ll get that done.

and i know not everything can be done in one year BUT i´ll try to figure out how to pull the most of it,

atleast the stuff that´s the most improten for me, and that´s much needed, lately my name has the worng things to it via Google, my Twitter takes up too much space in my life and it has effected me online right now so a good break from that is a good idea for me atleast and i have Hoped that for this year but, That didn´t go anywhere.


I wish everyone a Happy new year and best hopes for next year

and to cap it off, here´s a Reel of stuff i did back in 2020 and some 2019 animations