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Yokomation's News

Posted by Yokomation - September 22nd, 2020


First model is Ready for rigging guys,

tomorrow shall we Start rigging this beast here

side News

Changed the DragoGen short to Be about Willa Brown meeting Auther, Judy and Dennis

in her Hollow Earth world, new Dragons Will be Revealed as will as some new surpiseing abilities and Dangers Regarting them, in edition, one man may die, in Edtion, i´ll also bring back the Camera hold thing seen in how to keep a dragon in a Fun way as It was Simple to do and people liked the way it was Pulled off.




Posted by Yokomation - September 20th, 2020


our cryolophotherium model is Almost done with the Retopo, just missing limbs and claws and we can add in a new set of eyes, some multi res Sculpting and Textures, alongsid of coruse Fur.

it´s going to be amazing because, now with hair practicals been Alot more Easy to do and Faster to render, this might end up becomeing what the Old Version didn´t, more Realstic. as far we planning for vocie acting, my plan is to not have any like last time, mostly because of Krakken: Adventure of future ocean, in a Snese, this is that turned into a series, fuly CGI animated without any vocie acting and as Realistic as we can do it

however due to the Fact there ain´t any vocies, i would like to know of any Genres that cloud work best for this on newgorunds, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Side news:

planning for once i have done two models of the improten ones, i might reveal them via Twitter, giveing People some Renders and talk a bit about them too,

also no Script planned, two Reason, first is mostly because i wanna get used to the Work flow i came up with for How to keep a Dragon and 2nd, no Vocie acting makes it Really Hard to Write anything down, plus it might allow me to get ideas for new creature desigins for BG cameos.



Posted by Yokomation - September 17th, 2020

YEP, Mostly for Tech´s sake and the very Fact it was a video that ended up with Over 1K views on my versy first Youtube channel, it´s getting a new Coat of piant,

now about the Two series(SqumaZoo and Primal Gladiator) WELP Depends really on what i wanna do first BUT i might delete one of them for the Rebootline up by Tomorrow as that´s the last day for any changes to this list

(planning to start modeling on saturday)

Thus i´ll see what i wanna do, i did Add Primal Gladiator onto the list mostly for the Fact that i already got the model sheets ready for that one and if i were to do my First Animated series, it should have Model sheets be done for that.

SO we´ll see how things gose, planning to make whatever the Next Project should be Yellow,

Also I have been Feeling Fully Relaxed for sometime now, feels good.




Posted by Yokomation - September 14th, 2020

yeah im takeing a Break from twitter as well as waiting untill saturday to get Started on a Project,

right now, im currently planning a new Orignal idea called Squama zoo

more to come next monday.


of course Other Projects too, untill then, im going set up Projects for the future, inculdeing a Future wildlife remaster and maybe getting Kokalo og Sarfina on the run too.

everyday untill saturday, atleast one or Two new Projects should be added.



Posted by Yokomation - August 31st, 2020

the Good news


i have Sloved the Hair Daynamics Problems

Bad news

I ended up Deleteing this model here due to the Fact i thought she needed a new model

for her due to have downloaded a new Version of Blender (2.90)

it´s mostly bad news because of the Fact of the Problem been sloved but,

We´ll see if i don´t find out something

Currently im takeing a Break from twitter and i delete it on my Ipad, Swearing only to bring it back once i have 100% done whatever Project i will be working on.



Posted by Yokomation - August 15th, 2020

yeah, got her Textureing done today, now just missing her Weight pianting, corrective smooth, shape keys and Custom bones and she´s done


Currently her Creation is going somewhat slowly, due to a lack of motivation after Scrapping life of the Dinosaurs,

but hopefully i´ll get her done soon enough,



Posted by Yokomation - August 11th, 2020

ok, so After Forgetting the Animatic for life of the dinosaurs cloud had been uploaded to youtube.

im Currently working on the DragoGen Pilots

i have been useing Youtube more as an Artist rather then a Normal Youtuber and it Feel SOO MUCH BETTER then just useing it that way, in fact i have been share some WIP shots of models like willa Brown here.

also there is currently a heatwave going on here in denmark and it´s not been Easy for me to try sleeping,

Hopefully it´s not going to last long but, i gotta say it has slowed me down a bit in my work and thus, im currently haveing a short break before doing her hands and feet later, as for how i do it, WELP i think im just going to do what matters the most for the Retopo phase, models are on subdivision level 2



Posted by Yokomation - August 7th, 2020


YEP, After a somewhat sad failure to Life of the Dinosaurs, are we currently working on DragoGen,

Right now im planning to create the frist two Pilot episodes and maybe get season 1 done,

we´ll see how things gose down.


Posted by Yokomation - July 29th, 2020

Ok so because I forgot bout an Animatic and the fact I cloud just upload it prevertly to Youtube,

Life of the dinosaurs is going to be put on hold for now, the current plan would now be to do how to build a Dragon and zero extinction, EP 2 is now zero extinction EP1



Posted by Yokomation - July 27th, 2020


already animated a the first half, once I come home from Vacation shall I continue with the rest

Also worth noteing, been working on DragoGen stuff too,